Kebene Youths,  Adults & Support

De ervaring van de afgelopen jaren en de durf om ook met onze jong volwassenen een programma af te werken is niet evident maar het loont.

De ene kan zich focussen op verdere studies, terwijl de andere aan een zelf opgemaakt actieplan werkt. Meer mogelijkheden en bovendien de kans om andere talenten verder te laten ontwikkelen.  Een kind, kind laten zijn is één en daarbij realistisch doeltreffend werken aan een toekomst op maat is een uitdaging.

This is my Story! My name is Ian Mwangi and I am currently in Kebene’s adult project. Having finished High School last year things have become a little bit difficult because I have to support myself. The good news is that I talked to Kebene about my goal and how I didn’t want to lose it at a very young age and he agreed to support me in a condition where I could also give back to the community by volunteering in something helpful. So, now I am currently volunteering in Kebene Day Care and Young Mother’s project as a gardener and also as a motivational speaker to the young mothers. Sometimes I help cooking in Kebene Children’s Home with the help of the chef.

I would like to say that Kebene has really given me many opportunities that are not easy to get in the outside world, some of these opportunities are:
1.i am able to feed and take care of myself through the money I get from Kebene.
2.i am currently doing my driving classes (something that is really expensive to do here in Kenya). able to control my expenses through the mentorship of the staffs that are working in Kebene.
4.i get a good place with clean water and constant electricity to stay at an affordable price.
5.since I got good grades after I finished my high school I will be joining the university to purse my career.
These are just a few opportunities out of the many opportunities that I have gotten through Kebene.
I will finish by thanking you very much for being there for Kebene, I hope God will give you more strength to support more children, youth and even adults in Kenya.

Personally am very thankful. Ian…