Via deze speciale berichtgeving willen wij met veel plezier meedelen dat Kennedy in het land is. Kennedy is één van de grote jongens uit Kebene, welke sedert 2009 deel uitmaakt van de Kebene kids. Momenteel is hij 22 jaar.

My story… a dream came true! Here I am…

I am Kennedy, I like to share my life story from when I was joining Kebene. Ten years ago I got the chance to be a member of The Kebene Family … by then I was 12 years old I went to Primary School.

I was so happy to have meet my new family where at my first day I got to understand what Love is all about from everyone. Happiness seen from all faces, having a feeling to be at home, to be welcomed and not seeing any sin or stress and ways to survive. Doing all things together, equal guided by the aunties, uncles and not forgetting a lovely mom and dad.

And now, here I am … I’am brought up by Kebene and with the best behaviors, respect and discipline what I had learned about. Strictness but in the same time also a way of loving and warm welcome feeling. I realize this world is not that eassy but maybe I am by the lucky once…

Grateful, last year … I just finished my high school and I did well, which was one on my goals. My second goal, I suggest immidetly to volunteering for Kebene to give back to show my thanks and appreciation for the good work to be always there for me. Luckly after volunteering I was employed to support the management from Kebene. Because my experience as a child being in Kebene helps a lot to understand how a child can feel protected by a home as a constitutuion.

So to all of you, I am grateful and thankful to support and believe in KEBENE. I’am one of them and recieved opportunities to build my life and to grow up in a safe way.

Lastly, by miracle, by a lot of patient and hard work I recieved my visa to visit Europe, this experience will help me to learn more and to help Kebene with the events and fundraising. Hope to see you at one of the Kebene meetings … Greetings and Kwaheri, napenda sana… (tot ziens, love you all) Kennedy

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